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Real Supply & Demand in FOREX with Precision Part Two

Real Supply & Demand in FOREX with Precision Part Two
So yesterday I created the first part to the 'post' Today I'll continue it.
All markets, equities, cars, widgets, groceries, bonds and even forex are driven by volume. Without volume there is no movement as it's the market maker to entice the trader to aggressively buy or sell based upon their sentiments of direction.
So let's first put into perspective market sentiment and what it is for this posts purpose.
Sentiment is the psychological pressure of trader expectations in movement. It's visible through intermarket analysis and even some indexes when the indexes are properly cross referenced. But sentiment is visible even when candles stop their climb or when buying pressure supports the prices on an attempt to move lower. What comes after sentiment builds it's pressure is the path of least resistance and that's really what the markets are doing. Following the path of least resistance with volume as the rivers boundaries.
Volume in foreign exchange is real.
Retail traders think that because the market is decentralized that volume isn't available. Well, the broker you connect to, and the prime broker or bank that they connect to, they source their pricing with risk management modules by analyzing aggregated volume. Aggregation is a grouping of FX liquidity streams (that all include volume levels) into one hub of liquidity housed inside a limit order book. Volume is not made available to you though. It's the playground of the banks and if you're going to have access to a tool that allows the masses to dilute their returns do you think they would let you have it freely? Nope! They would though lobby for laws (Dodd-Frank, FIFO etc etc come to mind here) they all make it more difficult for you to trade!!!! Opacity!!! But volume is very real, it only needs proper aggregation!
So how do we find valuable opportunities when studying the charts? First off, if you study the charts alone you're doing yourself a great disservice! EURUSD in any time frame is just a representation of a relationship between two currencies. You need to study the value of the underlying currencies!
What that provides you is precision entries. Let's call the entry on Candle 12 (an arbitrary number). On candle 12 you see USDCHF spike higher, that would indicate that EURUSD is going to drop 96% of the time! Oh a little insight! So you take a position short EURUSD on candle 12 in expectation that the relationship between the two currencies is going to go lower because of the strength in the Dollar.
But remember, exchange rate fluctuation is the path of least resistance. So at the point where you have found your entry short in EURUSD, there is the opposite consideration. What if I am wrong? What it if goes the other way? At what price would it show me the opposite direction and how long do I have to wait to confirm a reversal? Candle 12 is magical. It tells you what you need. You see, in ALL instances, extremes high or lows of charts are seen by changes in what's called bid/ask bounce. When bid ask bounce is breached it's giving you sentiment, volume and price all shifting directions. If candle 12 is the candle short, then the high immediately prior to candle 12 is your reversal point!
I guarantee you this is the intersection of buyers and sellers, and when one defeats the other the market changes direction. This is true for all of the entries here, if price reversed before it reached a profitable exit then the reverse would in fact be at the opposite extreme prior to the entry candle.
So we go back and visit the adage buy low/sell high but what happens in between? Proper analysis is an active participation. And just as your analysis says you should buy or sell, your analysis should also tell you how the market is reacting in the middle. If there's no change or breach in bid/ask bounce the trend is still moving.
In the attached chart. When an entry signal is confirmed, the immediate high or low prior to that entry becomes the exact reversal point. (I have circled them in yellow) In most of the opportunities shown that stop loss is a mere 2.2 pips away from the entry price and there are no reversals that were required and all signals were profitably identified. No I did not trade them, this is live analysis that runs continually. Of all the signals there is ONE blue X in the center region of the chart that almost gave a sell signal but price pressures remained in tact and thus bullish. The analysis identifies over 100 pips in movement within a range of 35 pips overall. And none of it with lagging analysis.
With proper analysis, you can maximize your returns by comprehensively understanding all market conditions. You'll minimize your losing trades to negligible frequencies, your gains will be maximized and you'll see precisely how the market moves, turns, breathes and follows the path of least resistance.
Now my purpose here is to develop market transparency for the little guy. Sure my posts attract trolls because the trolls have been burned by their own trading ignorance. So they attack those that strive for and deliver something better, in fact most of them don't know how to trade to save their life and that's their anger. I could show you a few of them who have had accounts with companies I advise or am principal of - but there are privacy rights to respect. Do I do this free? On here of course. Is it a business? I've spent over a million dollars in just research, but when I experienced how expensive it was to obtain true transparency I knew there were benefits to providing this information to retail traders.
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Forex with 200$ ....?

Hay Guys, I wanted start Forex Trading with 200$ with no leverage, As my strategy needs multiple mini lots. like about 10 mini lots at same time. will brokers allow me to trade That much volume using 200$ account. Please Suggest me.
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Real Supply & Demand in FOREX with Precision Entries and Reversals

Real Supply & Demand in FOREX with Precision Entries and Reversals
I'm going to go where I have never seen anyone else go with market analytics and trading in general.
Sure many trolls will think I'm just blowing smoke, sorry I don't smoke and only trolls blow!
Knowing volume, supply and demand, market balances, statistics and probabilities, they are all part of the underlying analysis, but so is efficiency and trader psychology. Imagine being able to chart trader psychology - to the point of knowing where their reversal of mind is going to be. Would this be valuable to you? Knowing where banks would turn from buyers to sellers, sellers to buyers or stay neutral, could this give you insight? You're damn right it can!
The Comment: Prices move to extremes and find turning points. Sometimes those extremes are quite distant from one another while at other times they are just a few pips away while the market curbs it's movement into range bound noise.
Is there a way to precisely identify ultra low risk entries and reversal points just in case the trade doesn't go my way? YES, this is easy!
What is the level of Risk? 1-3 Pips on average.
Can we identify the range bound movements with high reliability? YES
Can we identify the strong moves with high reliability? YES
So given low risk entries and movements that are statistically reliable, what does the equity curve look like? Smooth, very smooth
Tomorrow, I'm going to make that venture - to where we identify precise entries, exits, we allow the market to move to extremes where we once again find precise exits and entries. The result is the ability to allow the market to move where it's going to, but it wont escape our grasp or insight.
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is it legal to trade forex with more than a million with/without margin under fda and fca regulation?

hello traders, 2 years ago i just read an article about some brokers review. in every broker that regulated under fda , asic ... , the journal informed us that a opening a trade with morethan limited amount that set by regulators such as asic fda.. will be unsafe and somehow illegal even you can break that limit. for exmaple in asic regulation a trade limitation is 700k thnx for answering🌸
im not a trader but i like having an information.
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Forex with the MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform

Forex Mt4 is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders.
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Investing More Efficiently in Forex with Artificial Intelligence

Investing More Efficiently in Forex with Artificial Intelligence submitted by Bigbrainbank to u/Bigbrainbank [link] [comments]

Trading Forex with BTC in Canada?

Is there any exchange that lets you do this? PrimeXBT isn't available in Canada. Cheers
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‎How to start trading forex with robots - ANotes

‎How to start trading forex with robots - ANotes submitted by dallina to u/dallina [link] [comments]


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Trade Forex With A Low-Cost Broker

With TIOMARKETS you get best in league resources and tools to support your trading account. Now you can easily open your forex trading account by registering in with your basic information. Read more....
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Trade Forex With A Low-Cost Broker

Forex bonus is a platform where one can open a forex account, it is a reliable and trust worthy portal where you can sign up with merely just one click .with TIOmarkets you can get Lowest cost trading conditions. Read more....
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Forex with Avanza?

Has anyone done Forex trading with Avanza?, I have been having a look at it, but looks a bit weird inside Avanza.....I went inside this so called "Avanza Markets" but, they show the currency pairs in a weird manner, with some weird names, that makes me confused... I have not been able to find a clear, for example, EUUSD pair to trade.
Anyone using Forex trading in Avanza?, if yes, can ISK account's benefits be used for Forex?
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How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience

How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

How To Trade Forex With A Small Account

How To Trade Forex With A Small Account submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience

How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

Forex with small account?

Hello traders. Stock trader here wondering if its possible to trade forex with a small account $1000-$5000 and what platform would you use. It seems to be hard to find info on this. Thank you for the help.
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Will we be allowed to trade Forex with higher leverages than 1:30 after leaving the EU on the 31st of December?

Because then we won't have to follow the ESMA regulations and things can go back to how they used to be in the good old days, right?
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How To Trade Forex With A Small Account

How To Trade Forex With A Small Account submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience

How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

Trading Forex with Technical Analysis

Trading Forex with Technical Analysis submitted by FinancialMarketJunky to u/FinancialMarketJunky [link] [comments]

Learn to Trade Forex With These Secret-Forex Trading Strategies!

Learn to Trade Forex With These Secret-Forex Trading Strategies! submitted by jackcarey123 to u/jackcarey123 [link] [comments]

Forex with Brim Mastercard

For the purposes of avoiding forex fees, I reluctantly applied for the Brim Mastercard. I currently have the Scotia Passport Visa but I want to get rid of it because I don't really make use of the lounge passes. Therefore it's not worth it.
Brim reserves the right to set their own forex rate, thus hiding possible forex fees.
I asked them about it today on the phone. They said they're still working on setting their own rates but nothing has been decided yet and no decision has even been made if they will go through with it or not. For now they said they're going with the Mastercard rate.
Does anyone possibly work for Brim or have more info? With the changes to the Rogers world elite card and avoiding the annual fee, I feel Brim is my only option.
I also don't want a prepaid card like Stack.
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Forex Trading For Beginners (Full Course) - YouTube I Tried Day Trading Forex With $50,000 - YouTube How to Start Trading Forex in 2020 - YouTube FOREX HOW TO GROW A SMALL ACCOUNT PART 1  FOREX TRADING ... Forex Beginner Course Part 1 - Forex Foundation - YouTube REAL Forex Basics #1 - YouTube Ten Tips for BEGINNER FOREX TRADERS! - YouTube

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Forex Trading For Beginners (Full Course) - YouTube

I Tried Day Trading Forex With $50,000 Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 My Story: In this video we tried da... VIP EAP Mentorship Program - Time Stamps: What is a pip? - 10:40 What is the value of a pip? 27:00 What is le... Hey everyone! This is a video that I feel like all beginner forex traders to take into account when starting their forex journey. If you would like to join m... Watch on our website: Watch part 2: Watch par... Timestamps: 1. Get into a community of like minded traders: 00:53 2. Adopt a Trading Strategy/Style that fits with your Personality: 04:20 3. Open up a Demo ... Forex Trade With Us Email: [email protected] Brokers I use P.S MY INSTAGRAM IS GONE NOW SO IF SOMEBODY W... Hey everyone my name is Tyler Patterson, I am an eighteen year old foreign exchange trader. I have a company called Powerhouse Investments, LLC where I teach...